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How It Works

Published: 2 years ago

Modified: 04 May 2019

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One way or the other, we need to spend on our grocery bills. What if it is possible to Save while Spending? And Increase economic lifestyle while Spending? Yes, it is possible with Starmax Grocer Club in partnership with Bidastar Products!

Starmax Grocer Club is created and designed to help our Grocers improve their living standard through our concept of Value Savings. It is the marketing arm of South Emerald Group of Companies that started in 2016 in Candelaria, Quezon and offers quality and affordable products. It supports Republic Act 7394: The Consumer Act of the Philippines and the Super Consumer of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the rights of the consumer. Among the companies of South Emerald Group of Companies are South Emerald Supermarket, Cas Hypermart, Sioland Starshop convenience store, Quezon Premier Hotel, and South Emerald Home Depot.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. WHAT IS STARMAX GROCER CLUB? Answer: This is a VIP GROCER program launched by Starmax Grocer club in cooperation with its sister companies South Emerald Supermarket and Bidastar Sales & Marketing Inc.

2. HOW TO BECOME A STARMAX VIP GROCER? Answer: If you want savings in your grocery budget, you are qualified to be a Starmax VIP Grocer. Simply purchase the one-time VIP Grocer Package worth ₱3,998 for a lifetime benefit, then sign up through a link from an existing member. This is to promote support from our growing community.

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  1. Basic daily product needs, a grocery worth ₱1,850;
  2. Up to 10% discounts on Starmax products;
  3. A ₱1,000 Direct Grocer Bonus for every grocer you invited to become VIP Grocer affiliate;
  4. A ₱350 worth Indirect Grocer Bonus from 12th level grocer group;
  5. Starmax online account;
  6. Compounding Savings;
  7. A ₱5,000 worth 3-hour Leverage Grocer Club coaching session on secrets of wealth through savings, along with the Law of Leverage, the book that has changed thousands of lives;
  8. E-load Dealership Business, sim for all network;
  9. Up to 30% discounts to Quezon Premier Hotel and 10% to Home Depot and;
  10. Other exciting bonuses and incentives!

4. AM I LIMITED TO PURCHASE VIP GROCER PACKAGE IN MY NAME? Answer: Starmax recommends to purchase only one package in your name so you will be able to manage its monthly maintenance. One package gives you one Starmax online account.

5. UP TO HOW MANY GROCER I CAN INVITE TO BE A VIP GROCER TOO? Answer: You can invite as many as you want as long as you can assist them as their VIP Grocer Sponsor.


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